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We offer a cost-effective solution to your bulk waste removal. Standard Waste Reduction provides scheduled and on-call large item pickups for multi-family communities, shopping plazas,  and stand-alone businesses. Our service will save you time and money in labor by allowing you to maximize your maintenance staff to do maintenance rather than garbage detail. You will also save on the cost of disposal by keeping these large items out of the compactor and off your curb. Standard Waste Reduction utilizes county and private landfills as well as specialized recycling facilities. We dispose of these items in a legal, environmentally safe and responsible manner. There are never any additional fuel, service, landfill, administrative or environmental charges.We has been servicing multifamily communities, shopping centers, office parks and industrial centers in Central Florida since 1998. Standard Waste Reduction will remove your residents’ bulk items on a weekly basis. This includes furniture, appliances, air conditioners, mattresses, bed rails, etc.
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